Friday, May 07, 2004

Muertos de los Companos/Amigos

The Death of Friends

We'll never forget Friends. Whether we watched because we loved the mind numbing exchange
that captivated millions for a decade or we hated it. Its now a thing of the past and we'll never forget it.

Why? Because it made no statement pertaining to real life. On friends your father could have a sex change and you could still end up with a normal life, you could have been an obese Jewish girl and have a normal life, you could have been a teenage prostitute and have a normal life.

On Friends you could never really have a bad day just something unpleasant that made you try harder the next time. On Friends your life struggles were burdens no heavier than not finding your favorite flavor of Hagen Das at the all night market but oh well, you could still go to 7-11 or wait until tomorrow.

On Friends you could get along with anyone who made even a little sense sometimes or at least was kind hearted to go along with their dim wittedness.

On Friends you could see life with idealistic rose tinted glasses and never take them off.

On Friends you could have a Jew, an Italian, and a Greek in a love triangle rather than at each others throats.

Like it, hate it, or love it Friends was entertainment valium, the characters never struggled, became more complex, or shared our real life angst; there was never any racial tension never any self loathing even when they lost their jobs the bills got paid and everyone had a home and food on the table.

On Friends you didn't have to be a better person because you were already good enough.

It sets a tone for the future of what we call entertainment, because even if you were bored by the lack of controversy, the lack of statements, the lack of intellectual stimulation that could have been, the lack of cultural or ethnic diversity the scary part was that the Friends as a formula "worked".

We'll never forget the show that ran for a decade that only ended because everyone just got tired of doing it. If they announced tomorrow that they were just kidding and Friends was coming back on we tune back in.

R.I.P Friends ~ and thank you!
muertos de los companos
the death of friends..