Monday, July 28, 2003

Waiting to see Buttleman

Written By Camille Jacks
All rights reserved(c)2003

Review of 2003 Dances with Films Festival Feature "BUTTLEMAN"

Writer/Director: Francis Stokes
Produced by: Shereen Hariri
Cast: John Hawkes (as Buttleman), Anita Barone, Stephen Falk, Stephanie Markham, Dan Castellaneta, Karen Black

World Premier of BUTTLEMAN
11:54pm, July 26, at the Santa Monica Laemmle 4-plex, a rather large group of mid-night movie goers found themselves standing in line off to the side of a hand written "sold out " sign. I was one of the eagerly awaiting in this line. The anticipation remained high though we were told that most of us would probably be turned away. Thankfully this statement ended up being no more than a test to see who would shrug off defeated into the Santa Monica night.

Actually, no one walked away proving that people still believe that something good can happen. It was shaping up to be an unforgettable night waiting to see 'BUTTLEMAN'..

Every year in Los Angeles some of the best and brightest filmmakers participate in the Dances with Films Festival. This year (the sixth annual) revealed some of the best work ever distributed to the independent genre.

BUTTLEMAN- the main character of the story takes us through the journey of a very loveable local with a dream. The movie itself has a great ensemble cast. The comedy that is able to be revealed in the indy scene is worthy of a cult following by itself. Buttleman was no exception.

Every scene succeeded in revealing the character of Buttleman as more endearing and more like someone you know. Throughout the journey of the films evolution, Buttleman manages to find himself at the precise moment everyone finds something else.

It's a story about being young, being innocent, and being an independent even when it hurts.

A real diamond in the Independent Film offering because it was just that honest.

By the time the final credits were rolling I found myself completely involved. That's when you know you have found a winner! I laughed for 98 minutes but in the end felt as if I had made a friend.

There is after all a little "Buttleman" in all of us.