Sunday, February 08, 2004

46th Annual Grammy Awards

Not to get away from Oscar tension or last weekends SuperBowl half time show controversy; This years Grammy Awards brought blood back to the patient.

Prince opened in what can only be described as much needed fashion that has been missing in music since ..

Beyonce joins him and the two made FIRE..

The idea behind this years Grammy is to bring it back to music and contemporary artistry. It just hasn't felt like living until Prince came back to us.

There is more for him to do now than before and more polished new talent form him to do it with. I must admit; I wanna watch. When I think about how many women in music he has launched while never once adoring PIMP titles I get my chi back.

If the rest of the night is a dud it was only because they simply could not top the opener. For a change heheehe .. Of course the camera cleverly focused on a humbled Justin Timberlake. The extent of the class - action suit in play since last weekends amateur attempt in entertainment. Hollywood never forgets. Justin is guilty of trying to jump the long line of talent only to get tossed off the electric sidewalk and tossed back out in the street. Rock n' Roll may be here to remind us that its still not for children.

Beyonce took home the first Grammy of the night. So far the show has promises to get people back in the record stores and off their PCs. Towers recent Chapter 11 has quoted "blame the downloads" for a drop in music sales. I had to laugh. Do what you do best and blame it on Rock n' Roll. 2004 will hopefully remind everyone that when you do it right a download just won't do.

Outkast surprisingly beat 50Cent which was ok at the Grammy's the best acceptance speech in history followed,"Thank you." It was brilliant.

BB King has the blues as being the finest colors seeing him with Aerosmith was with a martini but fun.

Cry me a river got Justin his first Grammy.. He tried to dismiss the past week but clearly it was not going to happen. He looked as though he would have preferred to not have shared his moment with scandal but hey this is showbiness. It was cute to see him metamorphisizing from boy to man on national television though I am most certain there are better dreams.

Alicia Keyes should now and forever sing blues and jazz. It's too bad that the sound people screwed up. Her performance was amazing.

Half way into Celine Dion's performs the sound crew got their shit together and stopped ruining the performance. But this mess up won't make the archives of live TV bloopers, CNN, or cause a class action.

Unsure of what was suppose to happen - Janet Jackson did not show up causing a minor annoyance I think Madonna had to fill in for her and was most eager to look disheveled wishing it had been her boob but being way too cool to let that happen..:)

Sting and Sean Paul don't belong on stage together but such is life. Christina A. got her kwan for 'I am beautiful'. Which basically translates into love her or not the girl has talent worthy of praise and maybe even praise worthy of talent.
The boob thing got carelessly mentioned as "pulling a Janet" which seemed like the first effort to put it in the past. I respect that. More importantly that was what bugged me the most about last weekend was the fact that it was going to be the enormous taboo that was going to suck for months into the future. I think the effort to move on is one what should happen more often. At least, doing something cool with it like realizing it can happen reminds America that it could be you. The selection of Actors that show up to announce at the Grammy's gives the show an interesting bend in what would otherwise be a free concert of top billing performers. I had to wonder if 50 cent neglected to perform at this years awards because he didn't get the award. You have to wonder. He claimed that it was a booking issue but I really think he was just living up to his "you can't get a dollar" out of me attitude. I gotta ask, is that bitchy?

The remaining Beatles and the wives of the former living Beatles made beautiful statements of achievement and devotion to music as art rather than entertainment. It was a classy midway for the Grammy's I was moved.

Black eyed peas has been a popular alternative local band on the streets of LA since my high school daze. Their performance at the Grammy's was perfect and delivered the heartful message of a generation known as X. I was happy to see them come this far and that their success means that a generation was finally heard in a timely and poignant fashion with dignity and grace. I would still love to make them over but how do you dress a fragile soul?

Nora Jones passed the Best New Artist baton to Evanescence; 50 did jump up to show love for the winner band though he clearly feels short changed for his fruitless nominations. There is a magic word involved with winning awards. You've got to get it and deliver it on time whether you know it or not. Perhaps there is some scrutiny where hip hop is concerned perhaps like in school its easier to assume that the kid who was always causing trouble is the one to watch. Justin would then be the good kid who never did anything bad. Get what I am saying. Oh well, that's why they made next year. I think if the releases of 04 do anything it will definitely re-define what illusions are still lingering about character. 50 should get a Grammy tonight.

But what is more valuable to an artist, the Grammy or the Mega Sales in the age of the infamous download?

Anyway, that is my coverage of the first part of the Grammy's. Find out the rest at: