Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Beautifully Human

Jill Scott's
Beautifully Human
Words and Sounds Vol.2


Jill Scott - Beautifully Human Vol.2
(Hidden Beach Recordings)

Jill Scott is picking up where she left off and giving her growing
number of fans more of what they fell in love with her for the raw simplicity.

She continues to mix delightful melodies of jazz and R&B fusions with
earthy intimate lyrics of esteem and home trainin'.

Those are the delicious delectable reminders that evoke a graceful
presence like sweet cornbread cakes and butter metamorphosing with harmony.

'Beautifully Human' is a testimate to the complexity of being alive
and the intensity of being able to love. One gets the sense that
'Beautifully Human' means to be more daring in observation and sentimental in expression.

It is in the weaving of sound that note by note supports the meaning
of verse in a broad range of "color usage" that neatly stays inside the lines of self portrait.

Since there has been very little mention of this second album in the
music circle I was slightly apprehensive about what to expect. Usually, the second album determines the artist's potential.

This album is introspective and honest; raw and occasionally
vulnerable with a lot joy and optimism. It is passionate without being tragic or dramatic.

Musically, I do get the impression that there is a lack of commitment to genre. Will it be Jazz, R&B, Funk, Hip Hop, Blues or will it become a Fusion?

There is a lot of experimenting that goes on but in reality how
honest is that?

I think once she becomes more comfortable with making albums she will
most likely become more aggressive about topics and accompaniment
selections. I look forward to that time. Until then, however, we have now and right now, 'Beautifully Human' honestly and directly represents the direction in which Jill has gone and the
album takes you.

Warm Up - 100
I'm not Afraid - 100
Golden - 95
The Fact is ( I need you) - 95
Spring Summer Felling - 100
Cross My Mind - 100
Bedda at Home - 100
Talk to me - 95
Family Reunion - 100
Can't Explain (42nd Street Happenstance) - 95
Whatever - 100
Not Like Crazy - 95
Nothing (interlude) - 100
Rasool - 95
My Petition - 100
I Keep/Still Here - 100

Totaling : 98

*side note: This Album is excellent and a welcomed addition to the first. Album reviews typically don't get 100 unless it is believed to be a climax album in the artists career. I expect more great albums from Ms. Scott and left some room for the future!

47th annual Grammy's February 13, 2005

5 Nominations for Beautifully Human


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