Sunday, November 09, 2003

Video Release of Hablar con Ella
Talk to Her
by Pedro Almodovar

Regardless of unique relationships with foreign films you can't go wrong with an Almodovar video especially on the moodier winter/fall movie nights.

I was one of the last of his fans I know of to actually get to see this latest creation. I was not disappointed. For those of you who may have avoided this movie or previously released films you get used to his style.

Simple but punchy dialogue that is easy to read and keep up with; the seemingly basic plots that would be plain if not for his usual selection of quirky or off beat main characters.

Before you realize there is something wrong you've already accepted them into your thoughts, so that when the story is finished you know you've traveled into a touch of reality.

Hablar con Ella or Talk to Her

Is about a love affairs of the mind. The setting is of course, based in Spain with A female bull fighter and a disturbed male nurse as the main characters of the films world.

The two women of the movie have little in common other than they are both victims of the same fate which, leave them hospitalized in a coma. Talking to them because necessary and impossible all at once. Revealing the dangers in one sided conversations which metamorphosis into monologues.

Without creating a single connection until the movies end the story reveals both the delusion and passion of love as an adventure of hit and miss mixed with the relevancy of mental stability and consciousness.

Talk to her will confuse, disturb, and amuse you long enough to keep you interested to hope for a romantic ending.