Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

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The movie has been much anticipated and highly controversial for several months. Michael Moore for several years.

What changed me about the movie was the tremendous facts presented during the course of the film. Reminding America that everything we've been through the past 3 years has been painfully real and painstakingly executed.

Tastefully done, Michael Moore makes a special effort to keep us informed of some key ingredients of the BS stew we've been dining on.

He held back, much to the dismay of his critics. If you have yet to see it I won't ruin it for you but as films go, documentaries go, and in general being a thinking caring individual goes Fahrenheit 9/11 will spell it out for you. Whatever happens now dear sheep at least the wool over our eyes has been kindly sheared!

If you are holding back fearing that too many graphic images are going to disturb you, don't worry, Mr. Moore's is a class act and doesn't need to play cheap tricks by making you feel worse. Nothing was shown to exploit the situation.


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