Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Grace loves Genious

Remembering Ray or Rediscovering Ray?

The announcements of the nominees for Oscar as well as the results of the Golden Globe tell us that America is ready for a little truth.

The truth about completing the life story of a man just months before his demise speaks of how poignant and poetic life can be.

The story of Ray Charles covers American history, African American history, and Music History to perfection.

The soundtrack was as inspirational as the movie, including songs like:

"Drown In my own tears"
"You don't know me"
"Unchain My heart"
earlier and later versions of "Georgia (on my mind)" which shows changes in delivery from Georgia being about his home state and lingering memories to maybe being about someone else..something more provacative and memorable to a different sense.

Never the less, the popularity of Ray Charles as a performer thrived mainly with the obviousness of sexual provocations that may exist in sound and clever melody as well as double attendre verse. Their was in fact leadership in his genious and insight in his perception.

Just a musician really. A simple man who desired to overcome disabilities as well as to embrace the freedom that his disabilities provided.

He was an inspiration if only circumstatially.

A man to regard, study, remember, and rediscover the way the sound of his voice made you feel. Ray Charles influenced pop culture in many untold ways. Including reminding business that honesty sells better than a lie.

He also pioneered sining piano players as a staple in visual music, so that we could have the Alicia Keys', Tori Amos', and more..

People get excited about the music first because music is about life and life is nothing if not exciting.

With that in mind the Movie, the Man, and the Music should remain forever in our reverence simply because it happened.

God Bless Ray!

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