Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What's up with Von Dutch?

Depending on just how hip you are these logo's may have already gotten your attention or found their way into your closet.

Is it just Hollywood hype or a fashion movement?

You've seen all the hot, young celebs from Mtv to well any random Hollywood after party sporting some Von Dutch item or two (Trucker Caps are a big hit).

You may have even already done your own homework and found well depending on your income rather highly priced casual wear.

You went one of two ways, you groaned at the price tag and ran the other way or you bought something. You could at this point still be saving up..too that's o.k.

So is Von Dutch a marketing gimmick or is something real going on? The originiator of Von Dutch designs was said to be an artist / greaser from Compton CA.

Compton CA these days is more notoriously known as the hometown of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg or the NWA crew so are you really ready for the 50s greaser throw back items ?

I couldn't find out much more about him other than what was at the actual website. I could also surmise that he may have been just one of the local odd ball underdogs who was among the first in town to paint flames on classic cars and motorcycles.

Whatever the case there is no undermining the reality that someone somewhere in CA started some seriously unforgettable automotive trends.

I don't mind giving Von Dutch the credit, I don't mind giving Compton CA a bigger history book, hell I don't even mind the price of owning some of these items. When last heard from Von Dutch apparel was one of the first in the garment industry to provide Tsunami Relief clothing that at a fairly low price brought fashion to humanitarianism and profits to relief organizations for the victims.

You may be thrown off by Von Dutch but you haven't heard the last from them. They are walking hard and heavy and brought some equally impressive models along for the ride.

Stay tuned or better still go restore that old chevy in the backyard..
Von Dutch is coming for you.


Blogger kee said...

who the hell is Von Dutch?
These links won't work this way;
-I had the same problem-
you have to put http:// in front, otherwise it points to THIS site first, and visitors get Page Not Found...

I saw your post on blogging community, it's a dull group..

July 5, 2005 at 4:32 AM  
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